The Golden Key is a ground breaking tool in health and wellness to help people find the answers to life from within by bridging science and spirit. The Golden Key uses a Communication Grid with 210 topics, along with a Multidimensional Geometric Patch to connect a person to their Higher Self (or our highest inner vibration, the organizing intelligence of vital force that is naturally occurring in the human system) and hold a love based conversation to untangle the path of the self.

The Golden Key provides an empowered journey into the self for ultimate healing, transformation, personal development and conscious creation.  The Golden Key brings a scientific approach to the unknown.


These four journeys of Healing, Transformation, Personal Development and Conscious Creation are are where we search for the most insight in how to move in freedom and fearlessness. To give you an idea of what to expect, when using the Golden Key for Healing it may involve a conversation that focuses on finding peace or resolution to a hurtful area of life. Golden Key conversations that center on Transformation can support a new perspective or clarity about moving through a tough time. Personal Development conversations are growth based and evolve ideas for next steps or deepening in an area of learning. However, not all conversations are about getting unstuck. The Golden Key can also explore creative insights into the Conscious Creation of your goals and projects.

The Golden Key is made up of two parts, The Grid and The Geometry. The Grid is a system of 210 topics universal to the human experience. The Golden Key Grid is designed with a numerology that seeks to encompass messages of relief based on principals of love, truth, freedom, joy, peace, health and wellbeing. This grid provides the topics the higher self can use to communicate with through vibrational matching. Bringing the topics forward gives a person the chance to reflect and align with positive messages that supports and nurtures a persons own natural path. Many times this results in a positive and grounded shift.

As a compliment to the grid, is the Golden Key Patch. A Multidimensional Geometric Patch is a piece of artwork brought to life through prayer and meditation that metaphysically allows a person to connect with energetic information that exists on another plane of dimension, such as the spiritual dimension of the higher self. The Golden Key Patch is designed to reorganize a person’s subtle energy architecture to align with and act as a portal to access the love based spiritual messages of the higher self.

Each Golden Key Journey is held by a Conversation Facilitator to help support the process of using the tool. Each facilitator is unique in the way they ground the conversation and offer listening and support.  The focus is to assist the person in their discovery of their own wisdom and allow them the space to do that.  Facilitators my hold licenses in service based professions, or have gifts and abilities to help others. However, this tool is not a psychic reading, or an oracle. Rather an opportunity to connect with a deeper part of the self, the higher self, the aspect of you that only knows love and truth and is completely healthy, joyful and free. It’s like sitting down for coffee with the part of you that knows no fear, has no ego and no blocks to living.

Johanna, the designer of the tool, is and artist, and has experience with energy healing. After a near death experience she gained the ability to listen to the beyond, and honed her gift while studying energy healing. She offers a blended perspective when asked. This is what Johanna says about The Golden Key and Sessions:

“This is not a psychic reading, or an oracle. I simply hold a space while helping  ground, guide and support a person as they connect with their own higher self/vital force and allow them to intuitively choose the answers that feel the strongest to them on the grid.

I can only be a friend. As a friend what I share are subject to my interpretation, my past, my shape, my ego, my projections and beliefs. I could never know what is right or true for you. But I can be with you as you figure out what feels right and true for you from within using the love based answers through the grid.

If and when I use my abilities to listen to messages from beyond it is still in support of your own journey. Ancestors, loved ones, spirit guides and angels can and do show up to communicate. I call it “working off the grid”. They may offer guidance or insight into translating messages or guiding more effective questions to get at the heart of your journey.”

The Golden Key provides an empowered journey into the self for ultimate healing, transformation, personal development and conscious creation.  Book a Session today!