Shifting our Perceptions Will Shift Our Reality

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

― Albert Einstein

Shifting our Perceptions Will Shift Our Reality:

It is true, we can not create solutions from the same mind (or collective mental frame work) that our problems came from. We must first shift our perceptions and create space for a new reality to emerge.  However, we also have to understand and honor that every problem started out as a really good answer and was a solution we chose for good reason out of some need. Those reasons may still ring true, only we just grew out of them in a bigger way and now that solution comes at a cost. When we get attached to solutions that don’t allow us to be free to expand and grow into our ever evolving truth, or when they are forced on us, we all suffer.

On behalf of ourselves and our loved ones who are suffering we look to the flexibility of our perceptions to ground ourselves and seek truth in order to gain clarity in our ever changing interior and exterior landscape. We all need to engage our critical thinking and our most compassionate consciousness to be our own mechanism for the change we want to see in our selves, others and the world. Shifting our perceptions to grow as we grow, allows us to make better, more informed, relevant choices. There is no right or wrong, only good better and best. Our choices give us the chance to become who we want to be and continue to evolve our solutions around those dreams and possibilities.

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